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Installation & Configuration

If you use Maven for building your project, add following lines to pom.xml (or merge XML sections accordingly):

  <cx.version><!-- desired version --></cx.version>

If you prefer SBT, make sure that libraryDependencies of your project contains following artifact:

"ru.circumflex" % "circumflex-orm" % cxVersion % "compile->default"

where cxVersion points to desired Circumflex version. Here's the sample project configuration:

import sbt._

class MyProject(info: ProjectInfo) extends DefaultProject(info) {
  val cxVersion = "2.0"

  override def libraryDependencies = Set(
      "ru.circumflex" % "circumflex-orm" % cxVersion % "compile->default"
  ) ++ super.libraryDependencies


You can follow SBT Setup Guide to create a new project.

Note that first-time builds usually require a substantial amount of dependencies downloads.

Configure database access by specifying following configuration parameters:

Here's the example cx.properties file:


Please refer to Circumflex Configuration API for more information on how to configure your application.


All code examples assume that you have following import statement in code where necessary:

import ru.circumflex.orm._
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