package ru.circumflex
package web
import core._
import org.eclipse.jetty.webapp.WebAppContext
import org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server
import{InetAddress, InetSocketAddress}

Standalone Server

Circumflex Web Framework ships StandaloneServer which uses Jetty under the curtains. It can be used to start server manually (e.g. via Scala console). Usage is simple: use start method to bring standalone server up and stop method to shut the server down. Initialization are not synchronized, so if you intend dynamic start-stop functionality, consider external synchronization.

The best practice for setting up the standalone server is to provide a singleton object:

object MyServer extends StandaloneServer

Following configuration parameters are required to get standalone server up and running:

  • cx.webappRoot specifies content root of web application (src/main/webapp is default);
  • cx.contextPath specifies the context path of web application (/ by default);
  • cx.port specifies port which Jetty will listen to.

Jetty's WebAppContext is used as default requests handler: it provides sensible defaults for almost every web application startup (it reads configuration from web.xml and all other Jetty-specific descriptors). You can override the server with your own implementation using the cx.jetty.server configuration property (the normal instantiation facility is employed in this case):

Refer to Jetty documentation for more information.

class StandaloneServer {
  val listenAddress: InetAddress = cx.get("cx.listenAddress") match {
    case Some(a: InetAddress) => a
    case Some(s: String) => InetAddress.getByName(s)
    case _ => InetAddress.getByName("")
  val port: Int = cx.get("cx.port") match {
    case Some(p: Int) => p
    case Some(s: String) => try { s.toInt } catch { case e: Exception => 8180 }
    case _ => 8180
  val webappRoot: String = cx.get("cx.webappRoot") match {
    case Some(s: String) => s
    case _ => "src/main/webapp"
  val contextPath: String = cx.get("cx.contextPath") match {
    case Some(s: String) => s
    case _ => "/"

  protected var _server: Server = _

  def server: Server = {
    if (_server == null) {
      _server = cx.instantiate[Server]("cx.jetty.server", prepareDefaultServer())

  def prepareDefaultServer(): Server = {
    val handler = new WebAppContext(webappRoot, contextPath)
    val srv = new Server(new InetSocketAddress(listenAddress, port))

  def start() {
  def stop() {